Les PME ont aussi besoin de cyber sécurité

Because small and medium sized business also needs cyber security

A little story of our passion for cyber security

After working as an IT integrator for several years, one thing has emerged. Without the addition of strong security measures, an SME risks its skin by operating on the Internet, but the measures offered to the small business were deficient.

From this observation was born B2B Cyber Secure, an IT integrator specializing in the protection of SMEs against cyber threats. Growing ever since, we have been pursuing our mission with passion with hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses and organizations.

Vous avez la responsabilité de la cyber sécurité de votre entreprise

The safety of your business is your responsibility, we help you achieve your goals.

Customers who use B2B Cyber Secure know that their IT security is not where it should be. With us, they make their vulnerabilities visible and implement concrete measures to reduce them to a level of risk with which they can continue their development.

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