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Your business is unique and so are the cyber dangers that face it. Hire our experts to achieve the specific objectives of your SME.

Specific mandates,
support contract or

Advance your IT projects despite a difficult job market.

  • Professional services to defin the plan and for project management
  • Definition of required equipment and services and procurement
  • Implementation of new equipment and services
  • Platform migration
  • Platform update
  • Training
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Service contract and service calls

Inventory, external audit or annual review

Confidently establish your cybersecurity plan or report to your board of directors, partners or external bodies with an analysis of your relative vulnerability.

  • Inventory :
    • Equipment
    • Operating Systems (OS)
    • Applications and their update level
    • Security measures in place
    • Investigation report
  • Audit :
    • Presence on the dark web
    • Active Directories (AD)
    • Rights distributed to users
    • Update process of hardware, OS, network and applications
    • Inventory of known vulnerabilities
    • Report with recommendations

Turnkey technologies

Upgrade your technical infrastructure with confidence.

  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Training and
  • Knowledge transfer

Service contract
with surveillance and
FAST interventions

Amplify your team’s cybersecurity capabilities without increasing your administrative burden.

  • Transfer or sharing of oversight responsibility
  • Maintenance and regular inspection of activity logs
  • Periodic penetration tests
  • Key systems update contract
  • Outsourcing of IT management responsibilities

Implementation of an LMS
on cyber security

Equip your human resources team with the content and management system (LMS) they need. With these, you will be able to document for your board of directors and your external partners the real level of training of your staff.

  • Incremental learning with skill-based courses.
  • Employees stay motivated because they learn a new skill every day.
  • Automated learning management saves hundreds of hours of platform management every year.
  • All lessons are related to the daily working life of employees
  • Supports GDPR and data compliance.
  • The configuration of the program is for each employee or by role.
  • Program management can easily monitor the progress of an employee or group.
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